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About Us

Corey Gelman
is the founder of Chic Doggie by Corey,, designer of couture collections of designer-wear and accessories for the chicest of canines and posh pooches. She is already very well know in the industry, having been featured in over 30 magazines, 25 television shows, and 3 movies – including both “Legally Blondes.” (Remember the dog Bruiser’s designer jewelry?).

Masahiro Ouchi is the president of the international marketing company, Momo International, Inc. He is also founder of the TaoZen Association,, and an internationally known mediation, Tai Chi, and Qigong teacher. Masahiro’s focus is to integrate human consciousness evolvement and inner peace with businesses. Full of creative ideas and endeavors, Masahiro lives in New York City, in the same building as his partner Corey.

Creative people find inspiration in the strangest of places, take Corey Gelman, for example.

After visiting her family one weekend, Corey was in disbelief of how many times a day her niece and nephew had to have their diapers changed. (More than 8!) And, as any parent will confirm, they were so incredibly dirty and smelly after just a day of playing, eating and changing diapers that she came back to New York with an idea of how to combat such a problem, by creating a line of fresh baby scents.

Corey thought it would help mommies everywhere to develop a quick and easy way to refresh their babies, without having to bathe them every hour, thus drying out their precious, soft skin.

When she told her friend Masahiro all about it, he loved the idea. And when you put two driven, creative people like Corey and Masahiro behind a good idea, you can bet it wasn’t long before they were researching and testing. The most important thing was that they wanted the scents to be sophisticated, clean, and gentle.

After more than two years testing countless notes and technologies with the help of many first class professionals, they finally developed these two unique, fresh scents. They then spent many months developing stunning package designs that would reflect the playful, loving spirit of the fragrances. Notice the little details such as the glass heart beads floating inside the wonderfully elegant bottles and the fun, colorful packaging designed with dozens of surprises to simply put a smile on the face of every mommy and her precious little one. Love, Chic Baby is the ultimate in style and luxury, making it the perfect gift for girls and boys older than 6 months to teenagers as well as mothers and grandmothers.

Corey and Masahiro managed to parlay a few dirty diapers into a recipe for genius that every mother, grandmother, father, big sister, aunt, babysitter, and everyone else in your baby’s life will absolutely love.

Just like Baby Coco and Baby Momo, Corey and Masahiro are just beginning to share their adventures with all of you – mothers, grandmothers, babies, young adults, daddies, and every one who loves them.

Corey and Masahiro hope you and your little ones enjoy these exclusive, wonderful scents as much as they’ve enjoyed creating them.
But they’re not finished. This clever duo is expecting to deliver even more exclusive baby products soon. So be sure to check back here often for updates.