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Baby CocoBaby Momo

The Story of Baby Coco & Baby Momo

is a precious gift of love. A stylish little lady and the apple of her daddy’s eye.

With curly blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes, she can already stop passersby in their tracks, all from the warm comfort of her stroller.

She lives near the top of a tall, shiny building in New York City with her beautiful mommy and doting daddy.

She loves all things soft and pretty and is already expressing her own ideas about fashion and taste. Especially when it comes to her favorite scents. When she goes for a walk, only Love, Chic Baby scent for girls will do. It always makes her feel special, peaceful, and loved.

Coco’s daddy is tall and handsome. When he comes home from work on Wall Street, Coco and her mommy are always there to give him a big kiss hello.

Her mommy is a famous fashion designer. She’s passed all of her good taste along to Coco.

Coco loves to play with her little dog, a longhaired Chihuahua named Bear. Bear is more of a big sister to Coco than a dog. Where Coco goes, Bear is right behind. And where Bear goes, you will surely find Coco. Bear loves the way Coco smells. Often times you can find them both with their nanny, Maria, taking long walks through beautiful Central Park.

is a hip little boy, living in a big loft in downtown New York City.

He has soft, dark hair, though there are only a few strands of them right now. His bright brown eyes glitter when he giggles. He loves to wear Love, Chic Baby scent for boys. It makes him feel calm and happy and always makes him think of his mommy.

Momo’s daddy is an architect. Born in Japan, he is funny and zen. His mommy is from France and has a great sense of humor. She produces documentary films and teaches yoga.

Everybody says Momo is the perfect combination of both of his parents, though his daddy is proud to say he looks just like him.

Momo’s family has a dog, too, a white shitzu, called Pema. Pema has a sweet little, flat face. She is simply cute and mischievous, just like Momo. They often go for walks together all around New York.

Baby Momo and Baby Coco were born one minute apart on the same day, right after the evening news on TV.

Coco and Momo have passed each other a few times while strolling through Central Park with their mommies. Each time, neither could help but notice the scent of Love, Chic Baby on the other. Even in passing, they felt an immediate bond and knew instantly that they wanted to be friends. If only they could express this to their mommies.

Too bad. Their first encounter will just have to wait.

Thus beginning the many Adventures of Baby Coco and Baby Momo!

Be on the lookout for many upcoming adventures of Baby Coco and Baby Momo in such places as:

Hello Kitty store in Tokyo, Japan
A café in Paris
The Central Park Zoo in New York City
Shopping in Harrods in London